Manufacturing Services

Road Science has a chain of world-class manufacturing plants and storage facilities throughout New Zealand. Having the ability to produce and supply a range of products from traditional offerings – bitumen, bitumen emulsion and polymer modified right through to bespoke client specific solutions.

Product quality, consistency and reliability of performance are key deliverables by the Road Science Manufacturing operation which is certified to ISO 9001.

Road Science has:

  • High productivity continuous emulsion plants
  • A high productivity continuous polymer modified bitumen plant
  • And a bitumen oxidation blowing plant

Road Science has a high focus of ensuring that its operation is leading in the field of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. It has worked closely with many Sustainability transition including the Sustainability Business Network and the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority to develop Sustainability improvement programs. These include gains in both energy efficiency, waste minimization and waste material recycling.

Our bitumen tanker fleet is the largest in the country - this enables customers to receive product when they want it and where they want.

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About 90% of New Zealand roads are made of granula bases compacted and then sealed with bitumen-based chipseals. 

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Asphalt is used on just 10%  of roads - generally city streets requiring smoother and less noisy surfaces. 

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Asphalt, which costs more, involves mixing aggregate and bitumen in a dedicated asphalt-manufacturing plant, which is then laid by a paving machine and rolled.

Steve King

Steve King

Steve¬ has a¬ broad range of industry expertise and is very knowledgeable about Road Science products. He looks forward to you making contact with him so¬ he can guide you through the various product¬ and services available to you.

Position Support Technician

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