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Hand sanitiser - providing a vital product in a time of crisis

Hand sanitiser - providing a vital product in a time of crisis

3 April 2020

A lot has happened over the past few weeks, including the production of 192, five litre containers of hand sanitiser, by our team at Road Science! This amazing creation will initially supply all of our teams who are delivering essential services, including hospitals and the healthcare industry. Working alongside existing suppliers, the team were able to secure an allocation of ethanol (the component that kills germs) and utilise a manufacturing plant, which was already setup to handle flammable raw materials – allowing them to get straight to work. The formula is made to World Health Organisation standards and production is going strong – with the next batch making a massive 600, five-litre bottles. You’ll also notice the product itself is branded Spotless Group, which made a lot more sense due to their recognition for cleaning services. We love seeing the business coming together and supporting each other. Well done to the Road Science team for utilising their skills and providing our teams with vital equipment during a time of crisis! Thank you also to our teams who are continuing to keep the power on, the water running, hospitals cleaned and the phone and internet connected. Kia Kaha New Zealand!

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Staying connected

Staying connected

1 April 2020

We are staying connected, we are collaborating and we are still having fun. Darcy Rogers David Alexander Nik Vishwanath Simeon Hall Katarina Gage Doug Carrasco

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Ultra Mender - So Easy Even Dave Can Do It

Ultra Mender - So Easy Even Dave Can Do It

17 March 2020

Check out our new how to video for Ultra Mender. So easy to use, even Dave can do it...

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Road Science products are manufactured and supplied from state of the art facilities throughout New Zealand. Customers can have confidence in continuity of supply and on-time deliveries with Road Science’s world-class manufacturing plants and storage facilities for bitumen emulsions and polymer modified binders from Mount Maunganui to Bluff.

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