Laboratory Services

Road Science Laboratories

Road Science have specialised laboratories located throughout New Zealand located in Auckland, Mount Maunganui, Wellington, Christchurch, as well as mobile laboratories. For a brochure about the laboratories click here.


Advice and Support

The laboratories provide expert advice regarding quality assurance, material design, testing, and pavement investigation.

The experienced, knowledgeable and professional laboratory team at Road Science help customers meet New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA), local authority and project specifications.

When you choose Road Science laboratories you are guaranteed a reliable service with a fast turnaround. The laboratory team will provide more than just test results and data - they will give you technical assistance and analysis of the results for your projects or tenders.

The lab team provides technical support for projects, from initial tender and design phase, right through to quality control and compliance testing during the construction phase.

Road Science laboratories are also supported by a team of experts including Dr Greg Arnold. This team can interpret lab test results into such things as pavement design criteria - for predicting performance with comparisons with other standard products. This added value service can be provided at no extra cost.

Testing and Services

All our laboratories are IANZ accredited to NZS/ISO/IEC 17025 covering mechanical test sections on:

  • Aggregates and Soils
  • Bitumen (binders and emulsions)
  • Asphalt
  • Bitumen Sprayer Calibration
  • Concrete
  • Pavement Investigation
  • Field Testing

Road Science labs are accredited for over 200 different test methods including those that are recognised by the industry in New Zealand and offshore.

Aggregates and Soils

  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Foam Bitumen Mix Design
  • Size and Shape (ALD)

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  • Aging of OGPA
  • Air Voids
  • Binder Drain Off

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Bitumen sprayer calibration

  • Dipstick Verification
  • Speed Control Verification
  • Spray Bar Distribution

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Bitumen (Binders And Emulsions)

  • Detection of Adhesion Agent
  • Ductility
  • Rheology by Dynamic Shear

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  • Compressive Strength
  • Density of Hardened Concrete
  • Slump

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Field Testing

  • Asphalt Coring (Machine)
  • Benkelman Beam Deflection
  • Deflection Bowls

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Pavement Materials Testing

  • Field Permeability of OGPA
  • Reoeated Load Triaxial (RLT)
  • Pavement Skid Resistance (British Pendulum)

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National Services


Road Science has two high speed data surveying vehicles the Hawkeye 1000, and the Hawkeye 2000.

These vehicles are operated by Road Science’s highly skilled technicians who survey roads right throughout New Zealand.

The Hawkeye system comprises the latest digital camera technology and produces crisp, high-resolution video frames to ensure a continuous digital record of the roadway. The calibrated video cameras accurately log digital images of roadside assets against other parameters such as distance and GPS.

Benefits of the Hawkeye include:

  • Visual outputs from dedicated software and high resolution cameras, which allow for office based site analysis and observations.
  • High speed data collection reduces costs and decreases the delivery of data timeframes.
  • Data is linked to chainage and GPS coordinates, simplifying location of data and features.
  • Data is provided in a format that is able to be directly uploaded into office software.

Hawkeye complies with the following international standards:

  • ASTM E950: Longitudinal profile
  • AASHTO PP37: Pavement roughness
  • ASTM E1845: Pavement macrotexture
  • ISO 13473: Mean Profile Depth (MPD)



Road Science has re-locatable mobile laboratories which are equipped to provide IANZ accredited testing of soils, aggregates, concrete and asphalt for specific project work.

The mobile laboratories can also act as a base for the field testing offered by Road Science.

To enquire about our mobile laboratories please contact the National Laboratory Manager, Janet Jackson.

Helpful External Links

For NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) specifications see the following link:

For the Civil Engineering Testing Association of New Zealand (CETANZ) see the following link:

For documents from the International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) see the following link:


Janet Jackson

TitleNational Laboratory Manager

TitleNational Laboratory Manager

Janet brings over 30 years of experience in the roading sector and has provided surfacing solutions for a variety of construction and maintenance contracts across New Zealand. She has extensive experience and expertise in asphalt design and the delivery of asphalt pavement solutions. She enjoys discussing with the client and other contractors the most appropriate specification which will deliver the best outcome for the client.

Janet heads the Road Science Laboratories which are home to the most advanced binder, asphalt, aggregates, soils and pavement investigation testing facilities in Australasia. Road Science have specialised Laboratories located in Auckland, Mount Maunganui, Wellington and Christchurch. 

The laboratories are managed by dedicated individuals with a full suite of expertise around materials and pavement testing. The laboratories are also leaders in the development and testing of emulsions and polymer modified binders.

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Dr Greg Arnold

TitlePrincipal Pavement Engineer

TitlePrincipal Pavement Engineer

Greg has over 22 years’ experience in research, pavement design and project management. With a comprehensive understanding of aggregate testing and methodologies. Greg applies a ‘whole-of-life cost benefits’ approach to pavement design....

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Darcy Rogers

TitleTechnical Development Manager

TitleTechnical Development Manager

Darcy is a an expert in New Zealand for asphalt and bitumen based surfacings. He is our techincal lead and is responsible for finding and delivering customer solutions. He is passionate about understanding the fundamental science behind our customers challenges and...

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Ewan Cameron

TitleLaboratory Manager - Auckland

TitleLaboratory Manager - Auckland

Ewan has 31 years experience in the construction materials testing industry (20 in the UK and 11 in New Zealand), with nine years in Laboratory Management roles. He currently manages 14 staff at the Auckland Laboratory and has vast experience in several... 

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Stephen Mvere

TitleLaboratory Manager - Wellington

TitleLaboratory Manager - Wellington

Stephen leads the Wellington Laboratory, he prides himself on the way he interfaces with Road Science clients. He has expertise in asphalt and mix design testing and on-site testing on paving and construction projects. Stephen enjoys helping clients...

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Vicky Henderson

TitleLaboratory Manager - Christchurch

TitleLaboratory Manager - Christchurch

Vicky is the Christchurch Laboratory Manager. Having worked from a laboratory technician to her current role she has had a comprehensive knowledge of mechanical testing and the civil industry. Vicky focuses on ensuring the Christchurch laboratory meets the requirements of...

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Richard Carter

TitleLaboratory Manager - Kaikoura

TitleLaboratory Manager - Kaikoura

Richard has nearly 15 years’ experience in construction materials testing laboratories around Australia and New Zealand. He has worked and managed labs in a wide variety of environments including mining, highway construction, geotechnical investigations, bulk earthworks and civil construction...

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Where are we

Where are we?

We have plants and laboratories located all over NZ:

Head Office

Mt Maunganui

Bitumen Plant

Mt Maunganui
New Plymouth


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