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At Road Science, innovation lies at the heart of everything we do. Road Science promotes change through harnessing creative potential to deliver new and innovative solutions to the pavements industry.

In 2014 New Zealand spent an estimated $5bn on road design, building, resurfacing and maintenance. Not surprisingly, there’s considerable and ongoing pressure from Road Science customers to deliver better value outcomes.

Throughout the industry there are assumed constraints abound which we believe haven’t been vigorously investigated enough. At Road Science we aim to challenge what can be advanced, and move away from reliance on ‘handed down’ common knowledge to building a solid foundation of fact, to advance the way we build pavements.

Road Science’s commitment is to understand customer challenges and rigorously research road surfacing options to address the reality of limited budgets while maintaining performance requirements. At Road Science we back everything up with facts, figures and scientific rigour so our customers can have confidence in the end result. 

Our big challenge is to question – where appropriate, the current sub-base aggregates to reduce the risk of failure and save costs. The work we do with aggregates at Road Science is able to replicate real life usage situations and predict aggregate performance, using the latest scientific tools in our Mount Maunganui laboratory which is one of the best equipped in the Southern Hemisphere.

Road Science also have New Zealand’s largest and most flexible binder supply chain. Our Port Plants and unique service delivery model enable our customers to succeed through efficiency gains and solid customer support. The Road Science dedicated in-house mechanical services team ensure our facilities are truly world-leading when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability, delivering product on time, at the right temperature and on spec.

It’s not only the scale that counts; we have the latest manufacturing technology when it comes to our specialty binders and through seamless integration with our R&D team can tailor pavement solutions that are truly unique

Our big challenge is to question – where appropriate, the current sub-base aggregates to reduce the risk of failure and save costs. After all, pavements built to current specs still fail, so the country hasn’t got it 100% right yet.

Where are we

Where are we?

We have plants and laboratories located all over NZ:

Head Office

Mt Maunganui

Bitumen Plant

Mt Maunganui
New Plymouth


Mt Maunganui