Product Development

The Road Science Product Development Process was created to provide an effective, efficient process to improve product innovation and results.

It is designed to support Road Science objectives wider business strategy which supports the idea that innovation begins with an idea and ends with the launch of a new product. Ideas can come internally through Downer or Road Science or externally through clients and customers.

The process is divided into stages and decision points which is where the action occurs. At each stage the project team gathers information including technical, market, financial and operational to advance the project to the next gate or decision point with the desire to drive down technical and business risks.


Benefits of this process include

  • Working closer with our customers to make sure the right products get to market
  • Acceleration of speed-to-market introducing discipline into the process
  • Increases likelihood of product success 
  • Improvement of focus
  • Achieves efficient and effective allocation of scarce resources

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Why choose Road Science?

Road Science is New Zealand’s leading designer and supplier of bitumen and bitumen based products, with four accredited testing laboratories, eight asphalt and four bitumen plants.

Customers can have confidence in continuity of supply and on-time deliveries with our world-class manufacturing plants and storage facilities for asphalt, bitumen, emulsions and polymer modified binders.

This is further supported by New Zealand’s largest capacity on-road bitumen tanker fleet.

We also provide a range of pavement design, technical and consultancy services.

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The Help Hub

Welcome to the Help Hub, we’re here to answer your questions or get in touch to discuss further.

Where are we?

We have plants and laboratories located all over NZ:


New Plymouth


Mt Maunganui
New Plymouth


Mt Maunganui