Dr Greg Arnold presents at AAPA
21 August 2017

Road Science National Pavement Engineer Dr Greg Arnold introduced a new Road Science technology at the 17th International Flexible Pavements Conference recently.

Hosted in Melbourne by the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA), the conference focussed on helping prepare the pavements sector for future challenges by discussing the possible disruption caused by new environments and technologies. As part of this, Greg introduced attendees to a French technology called EME2 – the acronym roughly translates as 'high modulus asphalt' – that can help prevent rutting at intersections. With videos to demonstrate EME2's potential, Dr Arnold showed how ruts are created in conventional asphalt up to a depth of 6mm after only 10,000 passes of a wheel, whereas this is limited to less than 1mm after 60,000 passes using EME2. The new asphalt also has a longer life, is 30% thinner, and is faster to construct.

A copy of the presentation and the paper can be found here.


Dr Greg Arnold presents at AAPA